Cold Glue Labeling


For traditional cold glue labelling from the magazine, we employ our proven oil-bath-lubricated, high performance labelling unit with a stainless steel glue roller and rubberised, changeable glue pallets. An innovative pallet adjustment system ensures an optimal glue pattern. The glue-saving fine adjustment of the glue thickness ensures trouble-free continuous operation and perfect label positioning.


  • Hermetically condensate protected.
  • Glue pallets are wear resistant, individually exchangeable and adjustable.
  • Glue pallets adjustable for optimum glue pattern.
  • Automatic” no bottle – no label –no glue“ is standard on the machine.
  • Unit adjustment for label setting through a implemented overlay gear, even while machine is running.
  • Maintenance free, heated glue pump is standard.


  • Pre-cut labels from the magazine
  • All shapes and materials of containers
  • Range : Up to 50,000 containers

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