Xpert™ Conveyor X-Ray Inspection Systems

Xpert™ Conveyor X-Ray Inspection Systems



The Thermo Scientific™ Xpert™ X-ray system enables compliance with worldwide HACCP and retailer food safety requirements. It also offers image analysis for other critical quality verifications. This high performance yet very robust platform enables you to immediately identify problems so you can take fast corrective action.


  • Detects a range of contaminants
  • Verifies product integrity
  • Modular, reliable, robust design
  • High resolution and sensitivity detectors for state-of-the-art performance
  • Suite of inspection algorithms for reliable detection and minimal false rejects
  • High reliability X-ray sources with long life expectancies
  • Food-safe materials employed for areas close to the products being inspected
  • Modular, robust mechanical design improves reliability and facilitates servicing
  • Multiple apertures and X-ray powers
  • Built-in, remote monitoring for quick problem determination

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